Community Programme

DIY enthusiast, designer, engineer, communicators and so on, with 3 motivated people or 15 committed actors, join the Low-tech Lab’s Community Programme to contribute to the emergence of low-tech projects in your area!


Who’s it for? For those who want to take an active part in the development of low-tech in their area!
Led by: Kévin Loesle

Create a Low-tech Lab community near you!

Do you share the Low-tech Lab’s vision and wish to contribute to its mission? Are you a group of people or a non-profit organisation? Do you want to set up a low-tech project near you? Join the Low-tech Lab adventure!

Construction workshops, awareness-raising events (conferences, stands, inventory and documentation, optimisation of solutions, contribution to local projects…) Whatever your desires, availabilities, skills, the Low-tech Lab coordinator, and the other communities will share their tools and experiences to guide you on the way to low-tech and help you develop your project!

For this year (2020), the Low-tech Lab’s accompanying capacities have been reached. But feel free to start to develop your project, and contact us for next year (2021)!

Official branches

Implemented in a region or area, these are the local branches of the Low-Tech Lab:

Local communities

Low-tech Communities are NGO acting around low-tech. We share values and a collaborative spirit with them.

Low-tech Bordeaux
T-Lia (Toulouse)
Low-tech Touraine
Low-tech Lab Marseille
Low-tech Lab Montréal

Are you involved in low-tech, but can’t find your organisation here? Have you heard about a low-tech NGO? Let us know!

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