Explorer Programme

Just down the road from you, or a little bit further, loads of low-tech initiatives are waiting to be highlighted! So, the Low-tech Lab encourages you to join the Low-tech Explorers Programme!


Who’s it for? Anyone who wants to discover low-tech initiatives.
Led by: Guénolé Conrad

Low-tech Explorers showing the way forward!

A Low-tech Explorer is accompanied by the Low-tech Lab to take an active part in the referencing and documenting of low-tech technologies and lifestyles!
The exploration can take the shape of a great adventure dedicated to low-tech, be added to your holidays, or just take up a few days here and there to discover the projects in your area! One thing is for sure, searching for low-tech means meeting great people, making fabulous discoveries and getting a good dose of inspiration!
No need for any specific skills / knowledge! Low-tech Explorers are guided in the definition and set-up of their projects to adapt them to their desires, skills and availabilities: duration, rhythm and location of the exploration, extent of the project, form of documentation, identification of initiatives, experience feedback and tips from other Explorers.

So, are you game?

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