Off Grid 2 Week Workshop

Du 28/08/2021 à 10h30 au 12/09/2021 à 20h sur une carte)

For each day of the 2-week Off Grid intensive program you’ll ‘learn-by-doing’:

  • Collecting, filtering and distributing rainwater for drinking, washing, and irrigation
  • Building and installing a solar hot water system
  • Composting, waste, and biochar
  • Nutrition and the environmental impact of food
  • Introduction to permaculture
  • Building and maintaining a compost toilet, and composting humanure
  • Specifying and assembling Solar Energy Systems
  • Building a rocket wood-burner for efficient heating, hot water and cooking
  • Bio building with wood (see our wooden tiny home!)
  • Grow your own food
  • & tree planting

The emphasis in our workshops is learning the practical steps you can take to create or improve your own sustainable environment and Off Grid lifestyle.

We also look at the softer side of sustainable living, with discussions on economic growth, the circular economy, happiness, creativity, meaning and community.

The workshop is conducted in English.

Get off the grid - Tasty vegan food - Practise your English

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Comment s'y rendre ?

You can come by car or train (we pick you up from the nearby station - Saint Astier).

Organisateur :
Intervenant•e•s : Dorus Rijkers, Eva De Vor, Vanessa Graham, Howard Lewis
Accès : Not free

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