Mapping Festival

Du 18/05/2023 à 19h au 28/05/2023 à 19h
Le Commun. Rue des Vieux-Grenadiers 10, 1205 Genève / Jardin des Nations. Route des Morillons 2, 1202 Genève(voir sur une carte)

The Mapping Festival, which has always been committed to putting art and technology at the forefront, is once again questioning the place of new technologies in our post-truth society. The exhibition at Le Commun will be a place of diversion, resistance and reflection. To do so, it will bring together different actors, such as artists, scientists, journalists, etc. to discuss the direction of technological progress and artificial intelligence.

The Jardin des Nations will host the festival for four days from 24 to 28 May. This will be an opportunity to present a series of “low tech” works in the open air, reflecting concerns about energy resilience. The Jardin des Nations also houses “Syllepse”, a tank equipped with an exceptional device of 22 video-projectors allowing 360° projections in very high definition. Various residencies will be organised and a rich programme of real-time performances will be presented during four evenings.

Free entrance except for Syllepse and the workshops which will take place in le Commun and Jardin des Nations

Organisateur : La ville de Genève
Accès : Free

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