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Welcome to the collaborative low-tech directory. The directory allows you to find low-tech actors near you. We do not collect any data.

The directory is not an exhaustive database of low-tech actors. It is the result of scouting by the Low-tech Lab, communities, low-tech explorers… It is constantly evolving thanks to the contributions of all low-tech actors in the world… and thanks to you, too!

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Worldwide in 2023

A directory? But why not a cartography!

We have chosen not to display a map for several reasons: first, the display of a list of answers is lighter, requires less bandwidth, making the information accessible regardless of the quality of the user’s connection. Secondly, we do not ask for precise location information and thus respect the privacy of our visitors.

12 fields listed

Communication, Energy, Farming, Food, Health, Housing, Hygiene, Materials, Mobility, Tools, Waste, Water

946 projects listed

Institution - Communauté - Fondation, R&D - Prototype, Service - Sale of products, Training - Education - Awareness

90 countries listed

Afghanistan, Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Bangladesh, Belgium, Benin, Bolivia, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Cameroon, Canada, Chad, …

Breakdown by field

Energy (48.2% – 456 projects)

Rocket stove, solar oven, wind turbine, biogas, …

Food (33.7% – 319 projects)

Lactofermentation, Spirulina, Mushrooms, …

Water (28.3% – 268 projects)

Biosand filter, ram pump, solar desalinator, phyto-purification, …

Farming (26.2% – 248 projects)

Permaculture, Hydroponics, Mushroom cultivation, …

Waste (26.1% – 247 projects)

Vermicomposting, Black Soldier Fly, Plastic recycling machines, …

Housing (25.5% – 241 projects)

Soil-straw building, bioclimatic houses, yurt, …

Materials (20.6% – 195 projects)

Myco-materials, Cob, Vegetable Leather, …

Tools (17.4% – 165 projects)

Pedal-powered machines, hand-tools, DIY farming machines, …

Hygiene (13.2% – 125 projects)

Composting toilets, shower loop, feminine protection, …

Health (10.1% – 96 projects)

Herbalism, natural cosmetics, …

Mobility (9.2% – 87 projects)

Cargo bike, sailing, biodiesel, …

Communication (4.4% – 42 projects)

Ham radio, local internet, recycled computer, …

Breakdown by project type

Service - Sale of products (55.7% – 527 projects)

Training - Education - Awareness (52.5% – 497 projects)

R&D - Prototype (28.1% – 266 projects)

Institution - Communauté - Fondation (11.6% – 110 projects)

Breakdown by continent

Europe (58.6% – 554 projects)

America (18.8% – 178 projects)

Africa (10.9% – 103 projects)

Asia (9.3% – 88 projects)

Oceania (0.5% – 5 projects)

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For several years now, the Low-tech Lab community has observed and collected low-tech initiatives: events, databases and maps, documentary resources… it’s all here.

We encourage you to use them, and above all, to contribute because their are collaborative and open to all !

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