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Since 2013, the Low-tech Lab has developed projects and actions to raise awareness about low-tech and share its philosophy.


The Low-tech Lab's investigations, think and explore the low-tech approach at an organizational, social and collective scale / 2020 - 2022

To support professionalization and identify the challenges of a wider implementation of low-tech at the collective level, the Low-tech Lab is going to meet the first professional players in low-tech: a series of surveys of field with French initiatives which embody and locally disseminate a low-tech approach.

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Gold of Bengal / 2012 - 2013

On board the first sailing boat 100% reinforced in natural jute fibre, a six month, self-sufficient expedition took place with simple, technical systems that were accessible and sustainable. The interest for low-technologies and exploration stemmed from this experience.

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Low-tech Tour France / 2017

Housing is one of the first concerns of French people but also a place where each and every one of us can review our behaviour. On board their touring workshop, the Low-tech Lab team went off to meet 12 initiatives that used low-tech solutions adapted to western housing.

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Low-tech for Refugees / 2018 - 2019

For two years, the Low-tech Lab experimented implementing low-techs with refugees on the island of Lesbos (Greece). This pilot project, now led by the EKO organisation, opened the way to the creation of the “Low-tech with Refugees” community which continues to make this international solidarity action live on.

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Biosphere, an experience in self-sufficiency thanks to low-techs / 2018

Living a self-sufficient life for 4 months thanks to low-techs. Game? This was the challenge that the Low-tech Lab took up to try out a combination of 30 low-techs and develop a life-base prototype that met basic human needs.

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Agami, a low-tech car / 2017 – 2020

In collaboration with the essential actor, ESS, the Relais and its Malagasy branch Karenjy, the Low-tech Lab examined the question of low-tech mobility, and in particular bio-sourced materials or recycled fuel in the automobile sector, with a prime support: Mazana II…

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Programs for communities

Community Program

Communities and branches contribute to the local life of the low-tech philosophy. You can also develop actions near you to meet the specific needs of your neighbourhood.

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Collaborative tools

The directory and calendar of low-tech

Learn about the low-tech actors near you, find training sessions and companies, identify upcoming events… To help you access information, the Low-tech Lab shares its databases with you.

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The low-tech community is hyper active! Share your questions, projects, ideas and thoughts in one of the exchange groups.

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