Low-tech Explorer Program

Just down the road from you, or a little bit further, loads of low-tech initiatives are waiting to be highlighted! So, the Low-tech Lab encourages you to join the Low-tech Explorers Program!


Who’s it for? Anyone who wants to discover low-tech initiatives.
Led by: Guénolé Conrad

Low-tech Explorers showing the way forward!

A Low-tech Explorer is accompanied by the Low-tech Lab to take an active part in the referencing and documenting of low-tech technologies and lifestyles!
The exploration can take the shape of a great adventure dedicated to low-tech, be added to your holidays, or just take up a few days here and there to discover the projects in your area! One thing is for sure, searching for low-tech means meeting great people, making fabulous discoveries and getting a good dose of inspiration!
No need for any specific skills / knowledge! Low-tech Explorers are guided in the definition and set-up of their projects to adapt them to their desires, skills and availabilities: duration, rhythm and location of the exploration, extent of the project, form of documentation, identification of initiatives, experience feedback and tips from other Explorers.

So, are you game?

Low-tech Explorers

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The view of Corentin de Chatelperron

I love Low-tech Explorer! It is a program that we launched over 2 years ago. We accompany dozens of young people on trips that mark their lives and advance the low-tech world. Like us aboard Nomade des Mers, they set off on an adventure in search of low-tech discoveries.
Some of them identify innovations to identify them and carry out tutorials (L’Atelier Low Tech or Matelow-Tech), others travel from one volunteer to another to help and live low-tech (A la DecouVerte de la Planete), others still manufacture and experiment with low-tech techniques with a mobile workshop (Chemins de Faire) or challenge themselves to have the minimum ecological footprint (Banaclichet). Some go to the other side of the world, others close to home (Cycling for Earth). They share their experiences via blogs, videos or beautiful travel diaries (Delta Africa).
The common point ? They all set off on an adventure with a taste for low-tech philosophy, the idea of ​​doing better with less, the dream of healthier and more sustainable lifestyles. They travel most of the time on foot, by bike, by boat, by hitchhiking, with simple means, tight budgets, but unlimited optimism, a thirst for encounters and inspiring discoveries.
And all come back with a dense experience, imbued with a desire to give meaning to the rest of their life and their career.

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