Biosphere, an experience in self-sufficiency thanks to low-techs / 2018


Experimentation area: Thailand
Period: March - June 2018
Led by: Corentin de Chatelperron, Anne-Claire Bihan-Poudec

What would you take with you on a desert island? Corentin attempted to answer this question by embarking alone for 4 months on board a floating platform moored off the coast of Thailand.

His answer: 30 low-technologies enabling him to meet his vital needs!

Over 120 days, this constrained context of self-sufficiency allowed him to validate the efficiency and usage of systems on a daily basis, but also to reveal new possible interactions between low-techs!

His only company was a “really friendly” duck and a few local fishermen passing by. The experience was no walk in the park for our volunteer guinea pig. Harsh storms, parasites invading his crops, drought… but in his surprising ecosystem, Corentin played a key role in the promotion or destruction of his environment.

A network of experts and scientists, informed remotely thanks to sensors and experiment follow-up protocols, allowed him to overcome these crises and develop installations into an ever more simple, efficient and resilient life-base.

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