[NOMADE DES MERS] Purification systems

Carnet de bord

Publication date: May 10, 2019
Authors: Guénolé Conrad
Location: Philippines

In the boat's workshop, Johnny, Cyprien and Corentin are building a new lamp with recycled batteries.

After studying the ram pumps on the island of Negros in the southern Philippines, the crew of the Nomade des Mers tackled a new challenge: low-tech lighting.
East of the capital is the Sierra Madre mountain range where we spent three days with the inhabitants of Sitio Anipa. A small village at the bottom of a valley, 2 hours walk from the first road.

The kids of Sitio Anipa come back from school with their new lamps.

At nightfall, around 6 pm, small lamps light up automatically in the houses along the river. These are the solar lamps recently installed by the association A Liter of Light (Isang Litrong Liwanag). Made with simple electronic components and recycled materials, they are robust and easy to repair. A nice revenge against programmed obsolescence ! A bright solution in a country where one out of five inhabitants has no access to electricity, they avoid the use of oil lamps, which are both dangerous and inefficient.

Led by its Filipino founder Illac Diaz, the NGO Liter of Light USA has already distributed half a million lamps in remote areas around the world since 2013.
We developed a new version of the lamp with the help of Myrna Gayoso, an employee of the association, using the battery recycling system learned during our stopover in Sumatra. Result: a solar lamp for less than 10€, both practical and ecological !

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