[NOMADE DES MERS] Desalinizer and desert fridge (Zeer pot) in Morocco

Carnet de bord

Publication date: March 23, 2016
Authors: Corentin De Chatelperron, Guénolé Conrad, Pierre-Alain Lévêque
Location: Agadir, Morocco

Nomade des Mers, the departure #

The Nomade des Mers set sail after the installation of several low-tech equipment on board, a visit to the vet for the chickens and good conditions for the departure from Concarneau. The crew is ready. Direction Agadir !

Corentin and Pierre-Alain with Medhi from Alto-Solution

The solar desalinator #

During the trip, the plants are a bit hot but the chickens are still in great shape : 4 eggs this morning !

The brains are warming up ! Today we met our local entrepreneur, Medhi Berrada, Founder of Alto-Solutions with whom we will work on a prototype of low-tech watermaker. For that, we are welcomed in the big workshop of the University Universiapolis in Agadir. Let’s go to tinker !

Corentin and Pierre-Alain thinking about the solar desalinizer

Biochar #

Yesterday we received a visit from Hassan who has a green business project of marketing green coal in Morocco (BioChar Morocco). This charcoal is made from non-compostable organic agricultural waste to limit deforestation. We will study this technique in detail in Senegal. We wish him the best success !
We continue the tests of evaporation in Agadir. Pierre Alain and Youness are completing a prototype.

On the laboratory boat, the biochar

Low-tech at the University #

The Nomades des Mers expedition is organizing, in partnership with the University Ibn Zohr, a conference today, March 29 at 5pm in the premises of the university annex, located in Dakhla.
Nomade des Mers is a 3-year expedition around the world to meet low-tech innovators (efficient, cheap and replicable technologies) from around the world and test these inventions on board the boat : Rocket Stove, Hydroponics, Insect Culture, Solar Watermaker … So many systems embarked on the boat in order to experiment autonomy at sea.

During the conference, a general presentation of the project will be made, with a focus on the expedition (the journey, the stopovers, life on board), a focus on the low-tech developed and a presentation of the solar watermaker invented by Mehdi Berrada and which can produce 5 to 10 liters of drinking water per day.

Solar desalinator

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