[NOMADE DES MERS] The "Vessels of Earth"

Carnet de bord

Publication date: December 29, 2019
Authors: Guénolé Conrad
Location: New Mexico

All of Earthship's energy comes from solar panels on the roof, sometimes coupled with a domestic wind turbine. The two installations power six batteries that can power the house even in bad weather conditions.

After a long drive through the glowing Arizona landscape, we arrive in Taos, a small village lost in the middle of the New Mexico desert.

We have an appointment with Michael Reynolds, a committed architect with the look of a rebel biker. It is here, in the 70s, that he developed the concept of Earthship: bioclimatic houses built in large part from waste. His goal: to create an ecological, desirable and quasi-autonomous habitat.

Earthship construction, interior greenhouse, solar panels and water heaters, wind turbine, rainwater recovery, phytodepuration, these houses make the most of natural resources: sun, rain, earth, wind, plants. A small ecosystem on the scale of a house, that reminds us of Nomade des Mers !

Rainwater that runs off the roof is collected in large tanks. Grey water from the shower and sink is brought into the greenhouse to be filtered by plants before being flushed down the toilet. The black water then flows into a phyto-purification tank outside the house. An interesting alternative to dry toilets for the more reluctant!

An inspiring model that proves that you can combine comfort and ecology in your home!
With Bob, one of the many volunteers of Earthship Biotecture, we challenge ourselves to design a solar water heater for the boat using only the salvaged materials available in the landfill! The result, hot water without any electrical input and a happy crew.

The last stop of the year is going to be a hot one. Hasta pronto !

Mickael Reynolds was inspired by Star Trek to build his "Earth Ships"

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