[NOMADE DES MERS] The culture of spirulina

Carnet de bord

Date of publication : November 21, 2018
Author : Guénolé Conrad
Localisation : Madagascar

Malagasy Context #

Independent from France since 1960, the island of Madagascar is known for its thousands of endemic animal species, as well as its tropical forests, beaches and turquoise waters. But the country, shaken by several political crises, also remains one of the poorest in the world: malnutrition and infant mortality remain major challenges.

On spirulina cultures with Dr. Vola © Low-tech Lab
Spirulina pond with Dr. Vola © Low-tech Lab

The local alga : spirulina #

On the island of Madagascar, the flora appears to be one of the most diverse in the world with 17 000 species. Among them, there is a microscopic alga with amazing nutritional properties: spirulina, whose local conditions favor its development.
Today, spirulina is cultivated mainly in artificial ponds, for its nutritional properties which make it an incredibly rich food supplement: in addition to the twenty or so vitamins, minerals and trace elements that it contains, its greatest interest lies in its high protein content.
Producing one kilo of spirulina-based proteins requires 50 times less cultivation space and 300 times less water than one kilo of beef-based proteins.

On the Nomade des Mers, spirulina could become a precious resource in their quest for autonomy. And thanks to the meeting of Dr. Vololonavalona and Dr. Raharison, the yield promises to be better !

Spirulina analysis on the laboratory boat © Low-tech Lab

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