[NOMADE DES MERS] Nomade des Mers and the culture of spirulina

Carnet de bord

Date of publication : November 7, 2018
Author : Guénolé Conrad
Localisation : Madagascar

In episode #8 of the series Nomade des Mers, les escales de l’innovation, Louis-Marie embarked on the boat with Corentin and Elina to discover the #spirulina, a micro-algae very interesting on the ecological and nutritional levels !

Doctor Ravelo Vololonavalona, known as “Doctor Vola”, opened the doors of his production to us. A part of it is used for sale, the other part is used to treat Malagasy children suffering from malnutrition.

To realize your culture of spirulina at home, find the tuto realized with Gilles Planchon.

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