[TEAM] Guénolé Conrad, low-tech actor finder


Publication date: February 14, 2022
Author(s): Guénolé Conrad
Location: Concarneau

Guénolé Conrad © Sidonie Frances - Low-tech Lab

Before Low-tech Lab #

Born on September 27, 1993 in Brest, he spent his childhood dreaming in front of ARTE documentaries… He has always been fascinated by the discovery of the world, of animals and by the stories of adventurers. The sea has always rocked his daily life, so it is quite natural that he found himself on the benches of a marine engineering school in Toulon.

Joining the crew onboard Nomade des mers © Sidonie Frances - Low-tech Lab

His first steps at Low-tech Lab #

And then a few years ago, he heard from friends about a crazy project, about a guy, a jute boat and his chicken… So he had been following the Low-tech Lab adventure for a while. But it was in Nicaragua, where he was working in an NGO that was implementing low-tech solutions with and for local communities, that he understood the relevance and potential of these systems. Upon his return, he started as a volunteer on several projects within Explore before being hired full time on the Nomade des Mers project !

Low-tech DIY © Low-tech Lab

The mission of low-tech actors scouting #

His mission on this expedition was to find, contact and network the low-tech initiatives they were going to meet. Once there, he wrote complete technical files on the systems studied so that these good ideas could be disseminated, replicated and adapted all over the world! Today, with a group of organizations, he works on the development of collaborative tools to facilitate the emergence of a strong and structured low-tech ecosystem.

Guéno and local low-tech actors © Low-tech Lab

His message #

He is convinced that we will get out of the impasse by collectively inventing new stories. By putting into words and images, fertile and convivial imaginary worlds, which unite us and liberate us, which reweave our links with the living, which offer us utopias. This is also where he wishes to put his energy.

Guénolé and the crew of Nomade des Mers © Low-tech Lab

Add your input to improve collaborative tools

For several years now, the Low-tech Lab community has observed and collected low-tech initiatives: events, databases and maps, documentary resources… it’s all here.

We encourage you to use them, and above all, to contribute because their are collaborative and open to all !

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