[TEAM] Kevin Loesle, community program coordinator


Publication date: March 7, 2022
Author: Kévin Loesle
Location: Grenoble


The Low-tech Lab is: a boat, a tiny, tutorials… But it’s also people who are working every day to explore, document, transmit and raise awareness about low-tech. Who is behind the wiki, the surveys, the community animation or the social networks ? It’s time to reveal them !

Kevin Loesle, community program coordinator © Nicolas Dorbon

The little Alsatian to the big Grenoble #

Kévin was born on December 8, 1993 in Colmar, Alsace, and has been living in the Grenoble area for 8 years.
He has an engineering background in energy at Grenoble INP-ENSE3, concluded with a double degree in Technique, Science, Decision at Sciences Po Grenoble. Afterwards he started working in the open innovation department of CEA Grenoble, on the theme of Limited Resources and low-tech in 2016. This is where he had his first contact with the Low-tech Lab, at the time when the Nomade des Mers was letting go of its moorings !

© Low-tech Lab

First hand at the Low-tech Lab #

He was able to lend a hand on a number of issues: the Low-tech Tour France that preceded the pilot habitat, hackathons at the Techshop in Paris, until everything matured and pushed him to set up the Low-tech Lab Grenoble, the first local community in France very early 2019. In the meantime, change of missions too. He resumed his freelance status to work with the company Organic Orchestra on the development of a traveling live show by bike, sober and autonomous in energy.

© Low-tech Lab

Community program #

At the beginning of 2020, he officially joined the Low-tech Lab to lead and develop the Community program, a network of associations that spread the low-tech philosophy and approach locally. This consists in producing, using and sharing “commons”, ranging from a low-tech construction tutorial to a methodology for setting up a local association, or feedback on an administrative or financial issue. All of this in connection with the representatives of the communities who may have very different needs depending on the context and the stage of development of their structure.

Low-tech trailer and rocket stove © Low-tech Lab Grenoble

What drives Kévin #

What I’m passionate about is the power of experimentation and how it changes people. It makes you autonomous, happy and proud to make things you need with your hands, and that’s what I like to convey in my missions. Setting up a local community is a great way to spread this pleasure of experimentation, and it is also a human experimentation in its own right !

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For several years now, the Low-tech Lab community has observed and collected low-tech initiatives: events, databases and maps, documentary resources… it’s all here.

We encourage you to use them, and above all, to contribute because their are collaborative and open to all !

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